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Automatic Control Valve


HIVAL is not staying in the present but tries to create better products and move to pioneer a brighter future.

Automatic Control Valve


  • HIVAL produces a differentiated product.

    HIVAL is a specialized manufacturer of high quality valve products automatic control valve and always produces the better products that meet with our customers’ individual needs. HIVAL has its own know-hows, and customer impression (satisfaction) is HIVAL technical experts’ top priority.
  • Automatic Control Valve
  • HIVAL is a goal-oriented company.

    HIVAL produces customized products reflecting customers’ individual needs. It always moves towards the goal by ceaseless efforts and going through a series of trials and errors.
  • Automatic Control Valve
  • HIVAL invests in continuous research and development.

    HIVAL always designs localization and development of product with new functions. HIVAL has a creative technology developed from its own research institute and professional research team to make better automatic control valve.
  • Automatic Control Valve

Automatic Control Valve


If quality deteriorates, there is no future of company furthermore no technical development.
As above our belief, HIVAL will fulfill for customer's satisfaction.

  • Satisfaction Automatic Control Valve

    Make better product than custom's requirement.
  • Trust Automatic Control Valve

    Always gives satisfaction to customer's request therefore make sure of reliability of product.
  • Grow Automatic Control Valve

    Technology and Trust become one, growing together with customer and company.