Manual HYD. Remote Control System

  • HYD. Transmitter

    Multi Hydraulic Transmitter

    Transmitter is a structure that generating pressure by turning hand wheel. The pressure is produced by spinning Cylinder Block which is turning at the same time with hand wheel over the Cam curves inner Transmitter. There are two ports each Open and Close port. Turning left (Counterclockwise) is generating pressure to 'Open' port. Turning right (Clockwise) is generating pressure to 'Close' port. The pressure will be reached Actuator through tube then Actuator will be operated Open/Close by this pressure of the flow control regulator.

  • Flow Control Regulator
  1. Flow Control Regulator

    Transmitter Standard type

  2. Flow Control Regulator

    Multi Transmitter Mechanical type

  3. Flow Control Regulator

    Multi Transmitter Electric type

  4. Flow Control Regulator

    Multi Hand Pump Mechanical type


Features 01Due to not required electricity and manual operating, it can be installed anywhere and easily.
02It has an indicator that helps to know degree of Open/Close easily.
03The usability is very excellent and able to generating high pressure by easy operation.
04It is able to select best product in accordance with actuator size by diversification of model according to volume.
05It has built-in check valve and relief valve therefore easy to pressure control and no leakage.


Max. Working Pressure
135 kg/㎠
Operating Fluid
Hydraulic Oil
Temp. Range
-20℃ - 80℃
Setting Pressure (Standard)
Open : 90kg/㎠ Close : 80kg/㎠

Dimension Table

Dimension Table Model HTM-CA HTM-CB HTM-CC HTM-CD
D 280 315 400 500
H 710 710 710 710
H1 400 400 400 400
B 205 205 205 205
W 165 165 165 165
Weight(Kg) 31 33 42 48
Discharge (cc/rev) 12 25 48 68
Flow Control Regulator