Manual HYD. Remote Control System

  • Electro-Hydraulic Actuator

    Electro-Hydraulic Valve Controller

    By grafting Electro-Hydraulic valve controller that hydraulic power unit, manual handle, control switch, controller and communication module are built in hydraulic Actuator, it is able to easy operate and control directly or indirectly. It can be applied Globe valve, Angle valve, Gate valve, Surface valve and Storm valve flanged gate valve, and storm valve

  • Flanged Gate Valve


Features 01Operation torque is high, it can be attached on valve directly without reduction gear.
02Power usage is low, it is an eco-friendly product that can save energy resources.
03Depending on the purpose of use such as On/Off control, Proportional control (modulation) and Intelligent type (modulation & speed control), it can be selected 5 types according to operation type and input/output signal
04It can be installed by unify or separate for a manipulator and actuator.
05Using only manipulator, easy operation setting change and password setting are possible, so that it is possible of safe use by limiting arbitrary use.


Max. Working Pressure
135 kg/㎠
Operating Fluid
Hydraulic Oil
Temp. Range
-20℃ - 80℃
BLDC Motor 200W / 400W
AC220V 1Ph / AC 440V 3Ph
Pump Spec
0.5 - 2.0cc (cc/rpm)
IN, OUT Signal
4mA - 20mA
Protection Class
Exd IIC T6 / IP68